SKYN Condoms Overview

Though condoms are being widely used and are proven its effectiveness as the safest and easiest way to preventing unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, still many couples are having hard times with regular latex condoms. Because latex allergy is quite common among couples and it can affect both men and women. Latex allergy can bring anything from rashes to itching to serious medical complications. Women across the world have opined against the disgusting latex smell because of which millions of women are not even trying oral pleasure during lovemaking. But there is a solution and a sigh of relief for couples who are allergic to latex.

For those who are averse to latex condoms, and those who hate the disgusting latex condom smell, SKYN condoms has come as a blessing in disguise.

SKYN Condom is the first premium condom made using POLYISOPRENE (a natural rubber), a scientifically proven non-latex material that ensures ultimate sensitivity to users that is closest to wearing nothing.

How to identify latex allergy?

There are simple ways to know whether you are allergic to latex condoms are not. Latex allergy will happen when you have direct contact of late with your skin, mouth, mucous membranes, or bloodstream. Latex allergic reaction can also happen through inhalation of airborne latex particles. Latex allergic symptoms generally show up in the nose, lungs, throat, skin, and areas in and around genitals.

The following are the commonly occurring latex allergy related symptoms:

Itching around your genitals


Redness of skin

Skin rash or hives

Itchy throat

Running nose

Sneezing & coughing


Breathing difficulty

Severe Allergic Reaction

Latex allergy can also be life threatening to few. Though it occurs very rarely, there is always a possibility. So, it is better to know about it.  Anyone with a severe allergy to latex may experience a condition called anaphylaxis, which leads to following reactions.

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Swelling of mouth, throat and/or face

Anaphylaxis is a serious condition requiring emergency medical attention. So, while using latex condoms, the users should be careful when they get any of the above mentioned symptoms.

What is polyisoprene and how it makes condoms better?

Polyisoprene is an extract from natural rubber, which helps in making condoms softer and more natural feel compared to latex as this material is much more flexible and stretchable. Polyisoprene condom combines the strength of premium latex with the sensitivity of an ultrathin condom to provide a better skin-to-skin sensation for couples. Adding an extra smooth lubricant can help in enhancing the quality of lovemaking experience.

Compared to latex condoms, Skyn Condoms are
- Softer
- More form-fitting
- A little thicker
- Stretches more
- More resistant to breakage

SKYNFEEL™ Technology

Skyn condoms are made with SKYNFEEL, a technologically advanced polyisoprene material that's free from latex. It is a non-latex soft material that provides the users with much needed sensitivity during lovemaking without any allergic reaction. Skyn condoms are lubricated using non-spermicidal silicone oil SK=70 (dimethicone), which protects the users even from spermicidal allergy.

Skyn condom is 100% safe because it has


Thus, users can be sure of NO ALLERGIES. Skyn condoms are specially made using the latest technology to allow couples to enjoy safe and pleasurable sexual experience without any allergic reactions. There won’t be any allergic reactions later also. Couples can simply use it and throw without any worries about allergic reactions later.

For following reasons, Skyn Condoms are used by people without latex allergies.

Even people who regularly use latex condoms can still prefer to buy SKYN condoms because Skyn condoms are

  • More flexible
  • Provides more sensation
  • Allows couple to enjoy smooth and sensual lovemaking
  • Enjoy lovemaking without any fear of allergic reactions later
  • Indulge in oral sex happily as there is no disgusting latex smell

The different can be felt in the first experience. When normal couples, who are currently using latex condoms and are not allergic to latex condoms, begin to use Skyn condoms, they would find their lovemaking lot more comfortable. With its ultra soft skin and odourless feature, couples can enjoy higher sensuality and experience near natural coital pleasure. Chances are that they would stop using latex condoms in future as Skyn condoms would help them enjoy passionate indulgence in bed and enjoy all forms of sexual pleasure without any displeasure or compromise.

Skyn condoms can be used for both vaginal and anal sex.  All variants of Skyn condoms, including ribbed and studded condoms are suitable for anal sex. It is always recommended to use plenty of lubricant during anal sex to enhance comfort and safety.

SKYN Condom Features

Soft and Comfortable – Skyn condoms are made using technologically advanced non-latex material to allow couples to enjoy enhanced stimulation. Users can feel soft an comfortable condom

Natural Feel – Couples can enjoy near natural lovemaking feeling

Latex Free – Skyn condoms are made using advanced polyisoprene material that is free from latex. So, couples can enjoy lovemaking without any fear about possible allergic reactions. Couples need not worry about disgusting latex smell and can indulge in oral foreplay comfortably.

Dimensions - 53mm nominal width with teat end and smooth surface.

Electronically Tested - SKYN condoms are 100% electronically tested and undergoes other rigorous tests to meet the Highest in safety standards. They offer the same protection against unwanted pregnancy and STIs as regular latex condoms, while offering a much more pleasurable feel.


Widely known as "the closest thing to wearing nothing," SKYN condoms provide greater sensation and more comfort than other non-latex and even latex condoms on the market today, as ascertained by clinical trials. Skyn condoms are rigorously tested to meet all safety standards. The effectiveness of non-latex Skyn condoms is same as latex condoms. This means Skyn condoms have 98% protection rate (similar to other condoms) as like every other latex condoms available in the market.

Shelf life

The shelf life of Skyn condoms

Three years for those condoms with spermicide

Five years for those condoms without spermicide.

Users are always recommended to check the expiry date of the condom before use.