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How do I find small sized Condoms in India?

Before answering your question, may I please know why you are looking for a small sized condom in particular? See, condoms are manufactured in standard lengths and widths. No brand produces condoms in smaller than usual sizes. If you are looking for a small sized condom, that means you would have either experienced condom slipping or loose fitting condoms.

There is nothing like small sized condoms and you can't get it anywhere in the offline and online market. But there are snug fit condoms which are meant to give you a tighter fit. Before buying your condom, you should know the size of your organ so that you can buy a condom that best fits you and helps you achieve your purpose without any trouble.

If you are very specific about small sized condoms, choose condoms that are labeled as 'snug fit'. These condoms are typically meant for men with girth less than 5.1cm. Snug fit condoms are best for men with smaller penis whose girth is less than 5.1cm. You should also look at the length of the condom to ensure it is not too long for you.

Remember, loose fitting condoms come with a risk of slipping during intercourse and it affects the very purpose of using a condom and may lead to undesirable outcomes such as unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.  When you wear a too tight condom, it comes with the risk of condom breakage during intercourse. So, make sure you know the size of your organ clearly and buy a condom that best fits your organ.

You can go through 'definitive condom guide' available in, which would be very useful for you to know about your size and to choose right condom for you. You can take a look at the Chapter 1 of this guide and you can educate yourself about by small condom. You can get an exhaustive answer to your doubt.

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