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How to determine your condom size?

Using condom is the first step towards enjoying safer sex. Habituating to condom can help you enjoy safe and fulfilling sex. However, wearing an incorrect condom size can make you compromise the safety. While an oversized condom can slip off during penetrative sex and lead to mix of bodily fluids leading to unwanted pregnancy or transmission of infection. On the other hand, a tight fitting condom can potentially break during penetrative sex due to friction and your partner may not get required protection from pregnancy or STD. So, you need to know the exact condom size to wear. We give below step by step process to allow you to know your right condom size.

  1. Measure the girth of your penis

Get your penis in an erect stage. Wrap a measuring tape or a thin rope around the thickest portion of your hard penis. This is the circumference or girth of your penis. Thickness is the most important aspect that can influence your condom size. Though length is also an important aspect, but a longer condom can be adjusted by rolling down at the base. But a condom that doesn't reach till the base of the penis can also offer adequate protection if it rightly fits the girth. When the condom fits perfectly on the girth of your organ, then you can have an enjoyable penetrative session as you can be sure of protection.

Using a measuring tape or a string, check the exact measurement of your girth using a scale and note down the measurement in millimeters or centimeters.

  1. Measure the length of your penis

Take a ruler or a measuring tape and keep it against the base of your erect penis. Rest the ruler or the tape firmly against your skin to get your measurement accurate. Make sure no hair covers the base of your penis. You can know the length of a condom by looking at a pack. Most condom brands mention the length of a condom in its pack. Thus, knowing your length can help you decide on the condom that is closest to the length of your erect organ.

Take your measurement in centimeters as most condom brands specify length in measurements. So, it would be easier for you to compare and know the closest length that you should choose based on the length of your organ size. For example, if the length of your erect organ is 13.5 cm, you can choose the one that is between 10 to 15 cm compared to an another condom that falls in the range of 13 to 18cm length. Hope it makes sense to you.

Choosing the condom that fits you perfectly

  • Buy the standard size if your girth is between 5.1 and 5.2cm: Most condom brands available in the market can fit you. So, that you can get plethora of choices. You will be spoilt for choices as you can find condoms that are basic, as well as some that have different textures, lubricants, or flavors. Although most of them will fit your properly, you can still choose ones that are most comfortable for you.
  • Choose a snugger fit if your girth is less than 5.1cm: Most small condoms are labeled as 'snugger fit'. While some brands don't have snugger fit varieties most brands sell snugger fit condoms. You can buy them either at drugstore or online.  As you look at the girth of the condom, make sure also to look at the length of the condom mentioned in the pack.
  • Try a larger size if your girth is greater than 5.2cm:  You can find these condoms labeled as 'magnum' or 'XL'. Though XL condoms are available in the market and online, it may not be available as readily as standard sized condoms. So, you have to look at the label carefully to make sure you are buying the large size.

Buying condoms that are large is a common tendency among men as they feel that their organ is bigger or to impress their partner. However, wearing an oversized condom comes with inherent risk of condom slip during your intense sexual activity and buying condom that is right fit based on the girth of the condom is the sure shot way to enjoy a fulfilling and safe sex.

It is recommended to have some space at the tip to hold on to your load to reduce the likelihood of the fluids rise up on the sides and leak out. While some condoms come with tapering tip to create the necessary space, there are others with curved ending, in which you have to make sure there is some space left to hold your juices. Even when you buy the right size, your comfort level as well as your partner’s can vary depending on the type of condom you’re wearing. It's a good idea to try different options to figure out which works best for you.

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